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How to choose the right carpet depending on the design of the room

Our carpet Bath professionals and the advice they have regarding carpet and interior design

Have you decided to have carpets in your living room and bedrooms, but the colours and patterns are so varied that you don’t know exactly what to choose? This article will help you decide.

In the case of wood flooring, it is quite simple, the colour will be chosen depending on the colour of the furniture and the door, for example. But in the case of the carpet, the choice is a bit more challenging.

First, you have to consider the walls. If they are simple, in one neutral colour, then you can emphasise the floor with a carpet that has a pattern with more complicated design or vibrant colours. “If the walls are painted in intense colours or are decorated with wallpaper, we recommend that you choose a simple single coloured carpet”, says one of our Bath carpet fitters.

choosing the right carpet bathchoosing the right carpet bath

The furniture reflects your personality, so this is also an element to keep in mind when choosing the carpet. If the furniture is modern and minimalistic, then we suggest to match it with a simple carpet without a complicated design; it can be coloured, but it must leave the impression of a large, open, airy space. If the furniture is classic or vintage, you can choose a colourful carpet, with a floral design or various other patterns that suggest the space is comfortable, welcoming or cosy. For more advice read:

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Even when you take into consideration the walls, the furniture, and you know what atmosphere you want to create in a particular home, the space is often the one that dictates the choices you make in interior design, including carpet. Therefore, for small rooms, we recommend single coloured carpets. Spacious rooms allow you to choose a mixed coloured carpet and even carpets with a very elaborate design.

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